Thursday, March 08, 2012

I Totally Lied!

I'm a sucker for validation.  I do need it, and when I don't get (enough of) it, I pout.

This is me.  Pouting.

Plus, I need to do more than just wash m' bits.  I need a real shower, like shaving and hair washing and blow-drying and all.  Maybe I should just get a wax.  Alas, no--been there, done that, and NEVER again!  This IS NOT mine, but consider it my public service announcement and a humorous little bonus for today.

And, writing every day means the dust bunnies are winning.

I've missed my Dyson Canister Vac; we need to get reacquainted.

Back tomorrow with more wisdom (I hope) and introspection.  I do some of my best thinking when I'm vacuuming...and tomorrow should really be good!

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Anna said...

Did you change your name, Pokey? I like it :)

Dr. Sharkey said...

do you type while in the shower? Cause that puts a whole new twist on the last few blogs.

Pokey Puppy ADD It Again said...

LOL -- I try not mix typing with showering, as I don't wish to electrocute myself, but thanks for asking (and for reading especially!).
And YES! I did change my name. I think it describes all of me better. I'll still write about gf when it's on my mind, but I don't want that to define me. Thanks!(O;

Poky Puppy ADD It Again said...

And apparently I spelled it wrong originally! Eesh! It's Poky. Amazon has the exact book I remember from Kindergarten! Crazy!

momof3sharkkids said...

I have to say....Poky puppy does kind of fit :)

Poky Puppy ADD It Again said...

LOL--yeah, kinda