Friday, March 16, 2012

You Learn Something New Everyday

[Update:  Gluten Free Gratefully can now be found at, where the GlutenNaziMom blog lives.  Kim Jorgensen Gane's general, 'woman power' related blog can now be found at West Coast Posse.]

Apparently I've been committing a big NO-NO by cross-posting my Gluten Free Gratefully blog on Blogger to my WCP Bloggage blog at West Coast Posse.  The topic of a post on BlogHer yesterday (which I can't find again today, bummer), leads me to believe that continuing to do so will hurt my standing with Google, and thus make it impossible to ever show up in searches in the future.  We CAN'T have THAT!!  Therefore, this marks the end of my short period of posting regularly, yet long affair with Gluten-Free Gratefully.  I will be posting original blogs on West Coast Posse, and cross posting only to BlogHer.  If you found this blog because you were looking for gluten-free support, please visit, and please follow my pinterest board for all my favorite #GF resources.

You can connect with Kim Jorgensen Gane on LinkedIN.

And you can review her CV, of sorts, here.

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